Revelation Of Text Messages of Ginni Thomas And Mark Meadows

Ginni Thomas
Ginni Thomas

The House Select Committee is conducting an investigation about the 6th January riot and they have more than a dozen messages of Mark Meadows and Ginni Thomas. Ginni Thomas is a traditional activist and her husband is Clarence Thomas, a judge of the Supreme Court. All the messages that the Committee received were from the month of November 2020 till January 2021. 

January 6 Committee Got To Know All Messages Sent By Ginni Thomas

Ginni stated a while ago that though she took part in the rally on 6th January where the Capitol attack of the U.S. occurred, she did not have any role in that. The messages, that were checked by CNN portrayed that Ginni Thomas was requesting Meadows to keep on the fight with the objective to turn the decision of the election. 

In the words of Ginni Thomas, President Donald Trump was standing strong and she asked for the help of Mark to stand with the constitutional governance of the U.S. She also added that the majority of the people now know Joe Biden and the rest are pulling off a heist which will be the most talked about in the history of America. 

Ginni Thomas is accused of contacting Meadow daily to influence him to force the claim of fraud done by the voters and to implement actions that will prevent the election to become certified. Following the text of Ginni Thomas, Meadows replied that he will always stay strong to his stand and will fight against them until there will be no more reason left to fight. He even stated that he cannot give up on his country this soon and thanked the rest for their support. 

As per sources, there can be some messages that were not given to the Committee on the grounds of privilege claims. Ginni Thomas also said that though she is always active in politics, still she never involves her husband in this.