Jeff Fortenberry, The GOP OF Nebraska Was Found Guilty Of Three Felonies

jeff fortenberry
jeff fortenberry

Jeff Fortenberry, the Republican of Nebraska was accused of three felonies in connection with illegal contributions to campaigns and was proved guilty. After his conviction last week by the investigation team, Jeff Fortenberry decided to resign from his post this Saturday after he submitted a letter to his supporters.

Jeff Fortenberry Resigned From His Position Due To Enormous Pressure

The resignation submitted by Jeff Fortenberry will be granted and followed from 31st March. The vacancy that will be created after his exit from the First Congressional District in Nebraska, Republican Pete Ricketts will be called for a special election. 

Jeff Fortenberry was found guilty of hiding information and stating false things to the authorities of the Federal Government when they questioned him about all the illegal contributions in the campaigns for reelection that was held in 2016. In the words of Jeff Fortenberry, all the current difficulties in his life are forcing him to resign. 

There was a lot of pressure coming his way from Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, and Kevin McCarthy who criticized him publicly and asked him to resign as soon as possible to save the sanctity of the position. In the views of McCarthy, he already got convicted for his actions, however, he can still appeal as a private individual if he wants. 

Some days before this judgment, Jeff Fortenberry revealed in a YouTube video that he knew about a random person who transferred illegal funds for his campaign which was about five years ago from an oversea account. Though he stated in the video that he knows nothing about the man, his indictment stated otherwise and it was proved that he even gave money for the 2016 election. 

This practice is prohibited under law as campaign money cannot be taken from foreign sources as per the Federal Election Commission.