Pope Francis Reverses Benedict And Reimposes Latin Mass Restrictions!

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Pope Francis reverses Benedict and cracks down on Latin Mass celebrations. Pope Francis has decided to reimpose strict restrictions regarding celebrations of the Latin Mass. One of his restrictions involved reversing one signature decision by Pope Benedict XVI. 

Traditional Catholics Call The Decisions Of Pope Francis As An Attack On Them!

On Monday, with this decision, the Pope has drawn cries and criticisms from traditional Catholics. Traditional Catholics are viewing the move as a crucial attack on their ancient liturgy and them. Benedict relaxed the restrictions on the celebrations of Latin Mass in 2007. Pope Francis reimposed those restrictions and further went to limit the usage of Latin Mass. The pontiff, when asked for comments, replied that proper action is due because the reform of Benedict has created a major division among the members of the Church. This decision is further being exploited by the traditional Catholics who are in opposition to the 2nd Vatican Council. 

The meetings of the 2nd Vatican Council held in the 1960s modernized the liturgy of the church and the church itself. The critics believe that a situation like this has never happened before. No pope has so thoroughly reversed his predecessor before. The reversal by Pope Francis is a fundamental thing, considering that Benedict XVI is still very much alive and is a resident of the Vatican. This further amplifies the move by Pope Francis.

This move will surely trigger more hostility from the supporters of the right-wing towards the Pope. At 84 years old, Pope Francis issued a law that requires individual bishops to give approvals or Tridentine Mass. This law also requires priests who got newly ordained to receive permission regarding the celebration of the mass from their respective bishops. The bishops must also consult with the Vatican Council.