Jennie Nguyen Faces Heat Over Inappropriate Posts

Jennie Nguyen
Jennie Nguyen

Jennie Nguyen is one of the renowned faces of “Real Housewives Of Salt lake City”. She has been an active participant in the show and was a crowd hit instantly. 

Her mannerisms and the way she carried herself made her a favorite. However, recent times have been hard for Jennie. Reports have surfaced that the actor has been fired from the sets of Real Housewives. 

The authorities of the show confirmed the news by posting the same on their Instagram handle. They stated that the star was asked to leave the show on Tuesday. The decision was taken in response to her inappropriate posts on social media. 

Jennie made a series of posts that were racist in nature. With a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, the actor was fired. 

Nguyen has been facing the heat for her posts from 2020. The audience found the posts from her account and instantly called her out.

Jennie Nguyen posted in favor of the police during the 2020 attacks. She criticized the rioters and even asked them to keep shut. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Jennie Nguyen Termed As A Racist

Jennie Nguyen has been termed as a racist by the audience. Her post reflected her support towards the police. Jennie stated that it was the rioters who were wrong. 

She heavily lashed out at those who used violence as a method to protest. Several posts were found where Jennie said that the police officers were right. 

All these posts led to the firing of Jennie Nguyen from the sets of Real Housewives. The authorities of the show stated that they were late with their action. 

The producers also elaborated on their ignorance about the incident. They spoke about being more aware of what anyone is posting from now on.