Katharine McPhee And David Foster Put On A Show

Katharine McPhee
David Foster And Katharine McPhee

On Tuesday, Katharine McPhee put on an extravagant and steamy display of affection with David Foster, her husband on Instagram. The alum of “American Idol” cracked a joke calling Foster a poor guy and that he usually does not get a lot of attention in the caption of upload on social media filled with PDA.

38-year-old McPhee was wearing a mini dress underneath a sweatshirt as she climbed over the 72-year-old composer and wrapped him with her leg in the beginning picture of the series. In the subsequent pictures, the singer of “Over It” was seen standing in the shoes of the composer while hugging him warmly. Erin Foster, the daughter of David, added to the humor by saying that she will report the post.

Katharine McPhee Shows Off In Her Instagram Story

Tommy Mottola, the music executive, called David a lucky guy. These shares were a part of Katharine McPhee’s way of displaying the fun the couple was having during their “summer loving”. The alum of “Scorpion” started dating Foster in 2017. It was the year after her divorce from Nick Cokas, her former husband, was finalized.

In June of 2018, David popped the question for Katharine McPhee. They held the wedding in 2019 in London. Near the end of 2020, the couple informed the public that Katharine was pregnant with their child. The winner of the Grammy Awards had already had daughters Jordan, Erin, Sara, Amy, and Allison in previous relationships. In February, last year, Rennie, the couple’s son, arrived.

Katharine McPhee wrote in a June Instagram post that she has been experiencing “absolute joy” while raising Rennie along with David. The occasion was her wishing David on Father’s Day.

Raising the baby boy with David has been an “absolute joy,” McPhee wrote via Instagram in June while wishing her partner a happy Father’s Day.