Other Democrats Are Performing Better Than Biden


The special election is in favor of Democrats, Jennifer McClellan won the special election with more than 13 points. Which left Joe Biden behind. She crossed Biden’s margin. In all districts, the democrats have beaten the republicans, who they were tied with once at least to run.2023 has been soo good to them. There have been 12 special elections after the last November mid-election. They have outperformed Biden’s margin by at least 4 points in the 2020 election. The special election has taken place in six states, all the way from New Hampshire to Louisiana.

The Democrats Turned The Table 

During the mid-election, the Democratic party didn’t perform well. And not only that they were below the president’s margin by 4 points. But with the new year, democrats have taken the steering wheel of the future and outperformed Biden’s margin by 4 points. Before the pandemic, the democratic party was outperforming and in 2022 their margin lowered. But they have gained their control again by leaving republicans behind. In 2018 and 2016 the democrats performed so well, even the presidents have always given examples from those two elections.

In 2019 the democratic colleagues were behind the republicans in Pennsylvania, which wasn’t shocking at all. But the baseline matched with the previous election. The democrats came back stronger in 2023 after the 2022 mid-election. And overturned the Virginia state election.

Although nobody knows what the future holds for the democratic colleagues, it is too early to tell if the gain control over the white house again. Congress house is controlled by the republicans now. The future prediction for the democratic party cannot be done now.