Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Shock At Comment From Mathew Perry

jennifer aniston
jennifer aniston

During the Friends Reunion, Mathew Perry had revealed that he was under immense mental pressure while speaking his lines while filming for the show. The other cast members, including Jennifer Aniston, were visibly shocked and surprised by this.

Perry’s Situation Was News To Jennifer Aniston

Recently, Jennifer Aniston admitted that the surprise filmed was not an act. Mathew Perry’s honest revelation was a huge surprise for every member of the cast at the reunion including herself. They had no idea about the pressure Perry was under.

Jennifer Aniston and Mathew Perry had come together recently along with other members of the Friends cast at a highly anticipated reunion special. In the show, all of the members reminisced about the time they had spent during the nine seasons of the highly popular sitcom.

During a particular segment, Perry revealed that he was under immense pressure when he was delivering the lines for his character. He was constantly worried about how badly his mental state would suffer if the jokes did not get a good response. Perry explained that he felt like dying if the audience did not react. He would shake and sweat which was certainly unhealthy. He admitted to freaking out if he failed to get the laugh.

Jennifer Aniston then revealed in an interview that she had no clue about the self-torture and the anxiety level that Perry was under. However, Aniston adds that it makes sense to her now that she looks back on the period.

Jennifer Aniston was not alone in being surprised by Perry’s comment. Lisa Kudrow said so even during the special reunion episode. She said that Perry had not told anyone in the cast about his feelings during the period. Friends: The Reunion had its debut last month.