Molly Hurwitz And Matthew Perry No Longer Engaged

Molly Hurwitz
Molly Hurwitz

The engagement of Matthew Perry, the famous actor from the American television show, FRIENDS, has ended. He had been engaged to Molly Hurwitz, who was the literary agent of Perry. The actor gave a statement to one of the sources of entertainment news where he stated that all he wished for his ex-fiance is to have a good life. He also stated that sometimes things do not work out the way he thinks they do. The statement was given on the 2nd of June.

Molly Hurwitz Was Preferred

The breakup will undoubtedly cause the fans of the actor to get concerned about his well-being and health, though he tried to make it look like he was cool about it. Matthew Perry is known for his addiction to alcohol as well as painkillers. There is a well-documented past of the actor about how unlucky he is when it comes to the subject of love. He did date a lot of wonderful people but no relationship lasted. His love interests from the past include Lizzy Caplan, Julia Roberts, Heather Graham, Yasmine Bleeth, and Lauren Graham. With Molly Hurwitz, the fans were hopeful that they would end up together.

Matthew Perry proposed to the 29-year-old Molly Hurwitz in the month of November. Following the proposal, he had stated to a source that he was in love with one of the greatest women in the world. He seemed to be extremely happy with his fiance. Sources also revealed that all of his friends wanted him to end up with Molly Hurwitz. 

According to reports, Courtney Cox, one of his closest friends, wanted Matthew to have a family. The ex-fiance has been linked to people from the entertainment industry before, however, she revealed that she preferred to stay at home in her own space.

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