Jennifer Lopez Lives Out Her ’90s Disco Diva Fantasy’

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s “disco diva fantasy” has come true!

On Saturday night, the artist rocked the stage in Italy at the LuisaViaRoma for UNICEF charitable event. She began her performance with two of her signature tunes, “Assuming You Had My Adoration” and “Hang tight for This evening.”

The 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez, who was decked out in a zebra-print bodysuit and a flowing cape to match, shone as the gathering chanted her name.

The singer of “Dinero,” after thanking her audience so that onlookers might see her, announced, “We are delivering disco this evening.

Jennifer Lopez Wore A Zebra-Print Bodysuit

You realize how this aids with my memory, right? This refreshes my memory of my adolescence in the Bronx.

She continued, “My mom used to attend those big events, the grant programs – this looks like a major celebration this evening.” “Do you remember when those used to be on television? Additionally, they frequently encouraged them to become groundbreaking artists. Do you all remember Donna Summer? Indeed? Khan, Chaka? Additionally, the amazing Diana Ross. They used to come out with adorable dresses and big hair. Lopez continued: “I might want to wear a glittering onesie and walk around my house.

Unbelievably, that is what I enjoy doing. I merely needed to exist in a shimmering cosmos. I usually had to dance like a diva in the disco. Additionally, I had the opportunity to include a small amount of that when I acted in the Selena movie a while back.” The opulent event took place after Lopez and Affleck, 49, were pictured spending time together in Paris following their recent capture in Las Vegas.

Following their departure on July 21, the couple was frequently photographed exploring and kissing one another as they traveled about the French metropolis.