Joe Manchin Vague About Supporting Biden In 2024

Joe Manchin

Recalcitrant Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has declared that he would not commit his support for Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential election. In multiple interviews, he has stated that he was not getting involved in that issue.

The Senator from Virginia has also refused to speculate on whether the Democrats would retain control of the Senate after the midterms in November. He has let out that he would be working with both camps. Joe Manchin said that he would be comfortable working with whoever is elected to the Senate, and their political affiliations would not make a difference.

He said that while his party has great candidates for the midterms, he has a tremendous amount of respect and friendship with Republican colleagues. And he would be comfortable with either side. He even chose to evade the question if the results of the midterm would work for him either way. He said it is for the voters of California, Texas, or Kansas to decide, not him.

Joe Manchin Has Said That He Would Respect And Work With Whoever Gets Elected At The Midterms

Joe Manchin said that he would respect the verdict of the voters and would work with whoever got elected. When pointedly asked if he would support Biden for 2024, he categorically said that he would not get involved in that at the moment.

In a senate split down the middle, Joe Manchin has arm-twisted his party on multiple occasions and has got away with it. In numerous interviews with major networks, he has taken full credit for the success of the energy bill despite his multiple attempts to sabotage it in the past.

Joe Manchin has been critical of Joe Biden’s handling of inflation and stated that the President should have addressed the issue earlier. But he reiterated that he would continue with his President and the administration to his best ability.

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