Bernie Sanders Supports Kyrsten Sinema’s Censure By Arizona Democrats

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders was all for a deepening of the fissure between the factions within the ruling Democratic Party. In a CNN interview on Sunday. The independent junior US Senator from Vermont said that he was for the potential primarying and censure of any senator who went against their party’s efforts to pass legislation supporting voting rights and change the filibuster.

Bernie Sanders was of the opinion that the Democratic Party in Arizona had done the exact right thing in censuring their Senator after Kyrsten Sinema sided with the Republicans and went against her party’s push for voting rights.

Speaking on that specific vote, he said that Manchin and Sinema went along with the 19 Republican states, undermining the very foundation of the nation’s democracy. He said that the two Democratic senators were making it difficult for the youths, colored people, and the disabled, to vote freely.

Bernie Sanders Willing To Campaign For Candidates Against Sinema In Primaries

Though Sanders is independent, he has proved to be more reliable than some Democratic Senators in supporting the President’s agenda. Bernie Sanders then went a notch up when asked about campaigning against Democratic Senators. He said that he would gladly do if the right challenger was put up for the primaries.

He said that if the candidates were strong and realized that the Party stood up for the working people and against the interests of the rich, he would willingly back them.

Earlier the Democratic Party in Arizona has announced that they had decided to censure Sinema formally for failing to protect democracy.

Bernie Sanders’s statement is the strongest from those supportive of Biden’s resolve to pass the legislation on voting rights. Many activists say that it is critical to get it passed before the midterm elections. That is the only way they believe to stop Trump loyalists who were supportive of his efforts to reverse election results as happened in the 2020 Presidential election.

The Democrats’ voting bill, officially the Freedom To Vote: John Lewis Act, would also restrict gerrymandering and block shady money from entering campaigns. It would also establish national voting standards.

The Republicans have tried in the states they rule to make it more difficult for colored people to vote.