Jeremy Renner Has Shared His Recovery Update After Horrifying Accident

Jeremy renner

Jeremy Renner is slowly getting back on his feet after his earlier horrifying accident. The 52-year-old actor went on to share a video on his Instagram where he highlighted his training, whilst also updating his fans on the recovery progress after he was hospitalized following a snowplow accident on 1st January. In his video, Renner stated that he had decided to strive against the pain to progress, whilst taking the new parts for a test drive. Renner continued by making jokes about his body- claiming that he felt like the Tin Man, where he needed oil for all of his new joints. 

Jeremy Renner Shares Recovery Video 

In the short clip, one could see Jeremy Renner using a pulley that was connected to a machine to do leg exercises- which would help him recover despite his fractured tibia. For those unaware, this was the bone in the leg that formed at the top part of a person’s knee all the way down to their ankle. Renner was also using the pulley to hop from side to side in a deep squat, after which he moved on to doing sets of pull-ups with the pulley. He then broke into a run to stretch out his calf muscles. After that, he did a few more deep squats, before stretching and finishing his workout for the day. 

Jeremy Renner’s recovery video had several responses from his fellow mates in Hollywood. Ryan Reynolds commented, “That’s the stuff!!!” Others in the industry also offered their words of encouragement. It has been well-reported that the actor from Avengers has kept all of his fans updated regarding his recovery. His snow plow accident caused more than 30 broken bones and also required multiple surgeries as he was run over by a 7-ton snow plow.