Jill Biden Again Tests Positive For COVID-19 But The President Tests Negative

Jill Biden

News has emerged from the White House that Jill Biden has again been confirmed positive for the dreaded COVID-19. The news was confirmed by the American First Lady’s communications director. She said that she had mild symptoms and would be isolated at the family’s beach house in Delaware.

The White House subsequently reported that the President has tested negative though he remains under constant monitoring. The news of Jill Biden’s infection comes at an inconvenient time as he is to visit India for the G20 summit. Later he will go on a diplomatic visit to Vietnam.

There have been around 15,000 hospitalizations in the US alone in the week ending 19th August, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It marks a disturbing 19% spike over the earlier week.  

Hospital admissions remain well below the pandemic peak levels. The cases are mostly concentrated in some hotspots. But there has been a steady rise since July. However, the CDC has not presented plans to bring back the mandatory wearing of masks. However, the center has also not ruled out that there could be a significant increase in cases related to the new variant.

Jill Biden Also Tested Positive In August Last Year

There also have been conspiracy theories linked to the news of Jill Biden’s illness. Some people have speculated that this news is an attempt to bring back the mask and again impose lockdowns.

People have also expressed concerns that Jill Biden contracted the infection despite being immunized and also receiving booster doses. However, experts have maintained that the vaccines only enhance the ability to counter an infection. It doesn’t prevent it altogether.

Jill Biden’s positive result came after the family spent the Labor Day weekend together. She had previously tested positive for the virus in August 2022. The president had tested positive a week earlier. Experts are closely monitoring two new strains of the virus.