Kieran Culkin Makes An Appearance On SNL With Brother After 30 Years

Kieran Culkin
Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culkin recently hosted Saturday Night Live on 6th November after a gap of almost 30 long years. He also recalled his childhood experience in the sketch series in his monologue. 

Culkin is 39 years of age and made his 2nd appearance on SNL along with Ed Sheeran, another musical guest. Kieran Culkin is recently seen starring in the television show, Succession, where he plays the role of Roman Roy. 

During his starting monologue, he fondly recalls one of his early experiences of the time when Macauley Culkin, his elder brother, had hosted this show in the year 1991 right after his famed Home Alone

Culkin opines that he has already appeared on this stage along with his older bro almost 30 years back. He says that he was 9 years that time and got the chance to feature on 3 sketches. He joked how 2 of those were non-problematic. 

Nostalgic SNL Monologue By Kieran Culkin 

Kieran Culkin’s recent appearance on SNL was nostalgic and he took the audience down memory lane. He shares how he was present on this stage at the absolute end where he said good night and the flashback clip appeared immediately on the telly screens. 

He adds that Macauley had been lifted up on the shoulders of the cast member in a victorious manner. On the other hand, he is down on the stage wanting a ride just like his MAC. 

Kieran Culkin also told Jimmy Fallon on his show, The Tonight Show, that hosting SNL was a ‘dream come true for him and the experience was surreal. The Succession also commented how difficult it is for him to savor success as he has little time to enjoy while he is piled under work. 

The success is ongoing Culkin’s show is renewed for its 4th season.