Jill Biden To Be Present At Coronation Of Charles: US President Will Be Absent In Keeping With American Tradition

Jill Biden

The White House has confirmed that the US First Lady Jill Biden will attend the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla next month. The US President informed King Charles over a phone call that Dr. Biden would be present to represent the US.

The US president also emphasized the friendship and the strength of the relationship between the two countries. He also expressed a desire that he would catch up with the future King shortly.

No American president has ever been present during a coronation and Joe Biden is merely following that tradition. At the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower did not attend and instead sent a delegation led by George Marshall, who was the military Chief of Staff of the US during the Second World War. He was also the former Secretary of State and Defense.

Jill Biden Had Attended Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

But the US president and Jill Biden were present at the funeral of the Queen. President Biden had spoken about the role of Queen Elizabeth and said that she had been more than a mere monarch. He spoke in glowing terms and said that she had been a steadying presence for Britons.

Initially, there were reports that a delegation would be attending the coronation of King Charles but Jill Biden’s name popped up at the last moment. Jill Biden also visited the late monarch’s coffin along with Joe Biden at Westminster. Later, Joe and Jill, Biden attended a Buckingham Palace reception along with other leaders, royals, and dignitaries before the funeral.

Before they visited the US, President, and Jill Biden also visited the British embassy as a tribute to the queen, where they signed the condolence book.

The intricate invitation for the coronation will be in line with King Charles’s interest in the environment and sustainability.