Kamala Harris Talks With GOP Senate Over Right To Vote

Katie Pavlich
Katie Pavlich

Kamala Harris is the vice president of the USA. She has been in discussion with a member of the Senate. She also held talks with Republic leaders about the right to vote. Harris termed the issue as bipartisan and agreed to deal with it accordingly. The bill has been earlier blocked in the Senate. The Republicans played a huge part in not letting the bill pass.

Kamala Harris To Set The Voting Act To Motion? 

The “ForThePeopleAct” was proposed by the Democrats earlier this year. The bill accounted to make voting easier for the people. It also stressed the fact that all the citizens of America should be able to vote. This act was presented in the Senate. However, the Republic leaders did not agree with the act. As a result, it did not get passed at the Senate and was blocked. 

Huge waves of anger followed from the Democrats. They termed the behavior of the Republicans as “ridiculous”. To make things straight and set the bill in motion, Harris stepped up.

The US vice president discussed the voting issue with the Republicans. She stated about consulting with both the leaders and the elected members of the Republic. Harris said the act of not getting the nod was kind of a setback. But the importance of the bill could not be ignored. Harris promised to put up a resistance and assure the act is finalized. 

Congress was very much agitated by the bill getting blocked. Officials expressed their frustration openly. Kamala Harris advised them to be patient. She stated that the right to vote was a very significant subject. It needs to be dealt with with care and patience.  

Kamala Harris held meetings with the Democrats as well. She stressed the fact that rights should not be curbed. Harris also met with representatives of Alaska & America’s native leaders. The vice president stated there was a lot to be done. She assured to lead a fightback against the stranglehold on the rights of the common mass. 

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