Jim Carrey Will Not Be Impersonating Joe Biden Anymore On SNL

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey

On Saturday, Jim Carrey, the actor tweeted that he won’t be impersonating President-elect Joe Biden on SNLs, which he has done for the first six episodes on SNL’s 46th season. Jim has not been appearing in the last couple of SNL broadcasts.

Alec Baldwin, who used to impersonate President Trump in the last 4 seasons and also at the beginning of the present season. The actor tweeted that although his term was just for six weeks, he was thrilled of being elected as our SNL President and he would love going forward with the knowledge that Biden is the winner. He termed him as being in a line of fighting, proud SNL Bidens!

Who Would Play Biden After Jim Carrey?

Jim Carrey’s announcement has opened the part for someone else to play. While SNL didn’t offer any insight on the next SNL Biden, Jim Carrey’s departure from the part can allow a member of the cast to take over or it can give the SNL an opportunity of finding a new contributor. Maya Rudolph, a former member of the cast, was playing Kamala Harris, Vice President in current episodes. Baldwin said in a press report that playing the President of the US on SNL is overwhelming.

Chevy Chase back in the early days of the show, played a stumbling, clumsy President Ford, while Dana Carvey impersonates President Bush. Other actors and comedians have played Biden years ago. Jason Sudeikis, a former member of the cast offered a different version of the President-elect. Woody Harrelson played the role of Biden in the show’s hosting tint in 2019.

John Mulaney played Biden last season. Kevin Nealon played Biden in 1991 when the SNL lampooned the confirmation hearings of the nomination of Justice Thomas to the Supreme Court. Carrey’s impression took the show to new levels.SNL viewers are eager to watch who will play the role of Biden in the next season of the show.