Paul Whelan Sees A Ray Of Sunshine

paul whelan

He is one of the Americans who is wrongfully detained in Russia. The Russian government has captivated him for all these years.

Paul Whelan’s case has shaken the country to the core. Recently another young fellow American who is a journalist was detained in the country. Earlier this month his sister Elizabeth Whelan made a request in front of the house where all the speakers were present. How difficult it has been for her family. It’s been four years and no one has done anything. Her voice was breaking when she was trying to convince the people present there. Paul is a father, a husband, and a brother who is stuck somewhere bad in a foreign country.

Last Year Another Prisoner’s Release Have Some Hope To Paul Whelan

Two more Americans were wrongfully detained in Russia over the last few years. They were released last year in December Brittney Griner and Trevor Reed in April. These two were stuck in Russia. Earlier this year another young journalist Evan Gershkovich was arrested in Russia.

After two releases from the prison Paul Whelan got a bit of hope. The US is working for him. He is confident they will get him out of that hell hole in no time.

Yet his motherland isn’t working fast enough to get him unstuck. He wishes that if they work a little bit faster he won’t have to rot in that place. 

Paul Whelan’s complaint is justified. He is aware of the administration of his own country prioritizing his case and also Evan’s. However, Trevor Reed and Brittney Griner got released but Paul Whelan is still stuck. This whole scenario is having a negative impact on him. Being away from family and country has already been a hell of an experience.

He was detained in Russia with false allegations of him being involved in an intelligence operation. Paul Whelan is reminded daily he is a prisoner. He begs the US to bring him home.