Marjorie Taylor Greene Ends Up Comparing Mandates Of House Mask To The Deathly Holocaust!

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

This week, during her interview with a very conservative podcast Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican Rep. compared the decision of Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker regarding house masks to the holocaust. She compared Pelosi’s resolution of continuing the rules of waiting for masks for the House members while being on the floor of the chamber to the steps that the Nazi Party took for controlling the population of the Jews during the deathly Holocaust. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene while speaking with David Brody of the Christian network and the TV show of the Real voice of America, attacked Nancy Pelosi while calling her a hypocrite for some of her decisions. Taylor had a major problem with Nancy’s decisions of asking for verification of vaccination from GOP members before allowing them inside the chamber of the House without wearing a mask.

Marjorie Taylor Greene said that in history, if we look back to the past, once people were required to put on a golden star and were treated like 2nd class citizens. They were taken to the deadly gas chambers in trains by the Nazis in Germany. According to Greene, Nancy Pelosi’s decision is moving along such a similar category of abuse. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene Slammed By The Jewish Congress!

The groups of Jewish people quickly condemned the remarks made by Greene. They said that it was disgusting of Marjorie Taylor Greene to compare restrictions related to health with Nazi atrocities like gas chambers and yellow stars. The Jewish Congress of America tweeted that such comparisons lead to the demeaning of the Holocaust while contaminating the political speech of America. They called on Marjorie Taylor Greene to apologize and retract immediately. The office of Greene didn’t respond to the inquiry by CNN regarding her comments.