Jimmy Cordero Suspended for Violating MLB’s Domestic Violence Policy

Jimmy Cordero

New York Yankees reliever Jimmy Cordero is alleged and suspended for infringing the rules of Major League Baseball’s Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, Child Abuse, and Molestation Policies. Cordero has accepted his terms of suspension without payment during the period, which has been implemented with immediate effect at that instant. 

The Yankees issue an official narrative that states that they support the team’s collective decision of dismissing Jimmy Cordero for an uncertain period and banning his subsequent 76 games, which Cordero himself is aware of without any ambiguity. When being enquired about the suspension and the subsequent investigation process, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said that he came to know about it very recently, and gave a vague idea of the investigation that is going on surrounding the suspension. 

Jimmy Cordero’s Achievements And Records As A Relief Pitcher

Cordero is a 31-year-old right-handed reliever who joined as a newbie in Blue Jays back in 2012, and then he worked as an experienced relief pitcher in the Nationals, White Sox, and now in New York Yankees before being suspended by them. In this season he has set the record of 3.86 ERA, which is extraordinary, and also 1.07 WHIP and 34 strikeouts in 32 2/3 % innings. On July 2, Jimmy Cordero threw 42 pitches and set a precedent.

During the last few years, Jimmy Cordero emerged as a stable reliever in the middle-innings who contributed to the Yankees to the best of his ability not allowing a single run in 23 of his 31 matches. 

However, Cordero’s suspension leads to the ban of 76 games which is left for the Yankees in this season. It is the least-extended suspension that has been made effective so far. There have been people like Trevor Bauer (194 games, reduced from 324 games), Sam Dyson (162 games), and Jose Torres (100 games) who have been suspended for a greater number of games and also for a longer period than the iconic Jimmy Cordero.