New Buzz Lightyear Stamps Are Now Available

Buzz Lightyear

At the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, a ceremony marking the first day of release for a series of Forever stamps featuring Buzz Lightyear from the “Toy Story” movies was conducted on Wednesday.

In a statement released in conjunction with the occasion, Isaac Cronkhite, the executive vice president, and chief logistics and processing operations officer of the Postal Service, remarked that “Buzz Lightyear captivated our hearts and imaginations in the original ‘Toy Story’ movie.” He imparted to us lessons on bravery, commitment, and tenacity. He is now the leader of his own feature film, titled “Lightyear.” The Postal Service has used celestial bodies as inspiration, just like Buzz. There are several stamps in existence that celebrate NASA’s achievements, such as the space shuttle and the Apollo mission that brought us to the moon.

Buzz Lightyear Stamps Are Available 

Our STEM Education stamps are another option that highlights the significance of science, technology, engineering, and math. Through our stamp program, the Postal Service takes great delight in recognizing the best of the country. And Buzz Lightyear very definitely satisfies that criteria. The Postal Service is honored to have collaborated with Disney and Pixar to provide consumers and fans of Buzz the Go Beyond Forever stamp.

4.2 million light-years away from Earth, the Space Ranger is marooned on a planet in “Lightyear,” a Pixar Animation Studios film that was released in cinemas in June and will start streaming on Disney+ on Wednesday. “Go Beyond” is a pane of 20 stamps that features this Space Ranger. They are a right-facing, close-up face of Buzz in his clear bubble helmet; a full-body profile showing his gleaming white and green spacesuit; a three-quarter rightward view of Buzz sprinting; an accentuation of the action by a foot and elbow tearing through the layout border, and a head-and-torso shot of the renowned space hero resolutely facing adventures ahead.

The original pattern appears again as the last stamp on each row. In 1995, Buzz Lightyear made his debut in the Disney and Pixar movie “Toy Story,” where audiences fell in love with his personality. This marked Buzz Lightyear’s official introduction to the world.