Joe Biden Avoiding ‘Toxic’ State

joe biden

The train derailed in Ohio, east Palestine, and president Joe Biden has refused to go there now. And the derailment caused a major toxic gas leak in the area. However, Biden insisted on not taking part in joining the Ohio community right away, thus his administration has been continuously providing assistance to anyone in need. And they consistently and immediately responded. However, it is not everything that the state wants they want more, which the party is unable to provide now.

Joe Biden’s Team Was Present At The Disaster

Just after the accident Joe Biden and his team were there. He gave a statement at the white house recently that he even talked to every head over there. In both places Pennsylvania and Ohio, Joe Biden has talked to every major figure. Disaster management, the federal railroad administration, the environmental protection agency, the department of transportation, and last;y the pipeline and hazardous material safety administration, immediately responded there.

The main tension was caused by the hazardous gas leak. And probably that’s why Joe Biden is avoiding this state, he is old and fragile and still has a lot to fight for the nation. In order to stay fit and win the presidential election in 2024, he has to stay out of all these. And Joe Biden hasn’t been even asked to be there even before leaving for Kyiv, however, he is all updated via zoom meetings and he is keeping close tabs on every matter.

And Joe Biden not visiting Ohio and East Palestine some republicans have taken the matter offensively. And East Palestine mayor Trent Conaway expressed his anger that this proves that Joe Biden doesnt care for them and thinks of them at all. And to him and his community, it was the biggest slap. Meanwhile, former president Trump did the correct use of the situation and probably bagged votes from Ohio already, he said Ohio you are not forgotten.