Senator Ted Cruz Doesn’t Concede That President Biden Was Lawfully Elected on The View

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz refuses to concede Biden was lawfully the victor during the 2020 presidential elections in an episode of The View. This is from the same person who in 2016 said that Donald Trump was a pathological liar and went on to say that Trump did not know the difference between lies and truth. He said that practically every word that Trump utters is a lie.

But Ted Cruz pipes a different tune now. He says that despite his wife being called ugly and his father the assassin of Kennedy, he has a responsibility to represent the people of Texas.

At the confrontational appearance on The View, Ted Cruz was asked about his blind support for Donald Trump, and he lamely said that he had a job to represent Texas

He said that he had a job to do despite being pissed off, and it showed when poverty was down and 7 million people got off food stamps. Alyssa F. Griffin, the former communications official under Trump at the White House asked Ted Cruz if he believed that Biden was elected legitimately.

Ted Cruz Kept Redirecting The Conversation To The 2016 Elections

But Ted Cruz kept redirecting and focusing on the Democrats, including Hillary Clinton who had earlier complained about the election results.

Ted Cruz went on to say that a section of the media tries to depict the election in 2020 as being legitimate. But they do not do the same when it comes to the 2016 elections.

Ted Cruz said that for this section of the media, it is always fair when Biden wins, but it turns illegitimate when Republicans win. Ted Cruz also alluded to the time when Clinton too had alleged that Bush Jr. was not elected but selected, though the Supreme Court had effectively sealed the 2020 presidential election.

Cruz also spoke of Hillary Clinton complaining that the Electoral College cost her the 2016 elections though she had won by votes.

Whoopi Goldberg said that the Democratic Party had not accepted the results earlier but at least they did not go and storm Capitol Hill like Trump’s supporters did in 2016 after being instigated by Trump.