Joe Biden Clarifies His Goalposts For COVID-19

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

President Joe Biden came to Middle America back on Tuesday, where he spoke about his Covid-19 relief plans. It took place at the CNN town hall. He also mentioned that people who were seeking the vaccine for COVID-19 would get their hands on it by the end of July. He also said his plan for sending children back to school 5 days per week within the next hundred days. He also weighed in on his immigration bill for citizenship, which was essential. 

This is how Joe Biden plans to tackle all the issues that have been surrounding America for more than a year now. And these are issues that could make a politician shiver. But Biden is a then-Vice President. Hence, he is way more seasoned than other new politicians that have sat on the powerful chair. But his night at the town hall went just like this: a bit of news, a bit more clarity, and he managed not to get bogged down only with any one topic. He gave a coverage— that was not completely clear but managed to provide a glimpse in his presidency. 

Joe Biden’s Assurance To America

Joe Biden said in the conference that he was tired of speaking about Donald Trump. He also referred to Trump as a “former guy.” He said that he did not wish to talk about the former President anymore. He still spoke about him a bit more, mentioning how he had not called him anytime since he had taken office. The 46th President blamed the former President for not looking into vaccines more. He also criticized the former guys for not taking care of white nationalists groups. 

At moments, Joe Biden also seemed like one of the people like us who needs more interaction with the people around— more than just family members as well as his administration. The President even spoke to a second-grader in the town hall who was with her mother. He then told her that the pandemic was pretty scary, saying they will be fine and make sure that the mother would be fine.