William Barr Emphasizes The Lack Of Evidence Of Manipulation In US Election

William Barr
William Barr

William Barr, Attorney General, during an interview on Tuesday stated that the Department of Justice has been unable to find any sort of evidence that will support the claims of rampant fraud and manipulation being implemented throughout the entire procedure of the presidential election in the United States.

These comments made by William Barr, who showed a large amount of support towards Donald Trump at the time of his tenure, reveals the current official reproach from the body of Republicans of the baseless claims of the President during his loss to President-elect, Joe Biden.

Statements By William Barr

Barr has said that to date, they have been unable to pinpoint any fraudulent activity that might have had any effect on the outcome of the election.

Before the elections, Barr has endorsed the allegations made by Trump regarding the votes of mail-in, which was not considered to be secure. This view was maintained by both the Department of Justice as well as Homeland Security but failed to find any sort of manipulations that would substantiate this view.

William Barr made the announcement on the very day of revealing the appointment of John Durham, Attorney of Connecticut, as the new special counsel who would be conducting the investigation of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters are repeatedly accusing the system of manipulating the election results.

In the preceding week, the secretary of state of Georgia and Brian Kemp, governor of Georgia, both have rejected the calls of Trump in regard to the overturning of the election results of Georgia.

Despite William Barr’s comments, the attorneys of Trump are pursuing the claims of fraud.