Kamala Harris Is Avoiding Any Public Discord About Her Recent Trip

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

This week, Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the U.S. was flying to Poland and in the middle of the flight, she received a call from the Government of the U.S. The call was from the President of America, Joe Biden who wanted to ensure, she was okay before the Warsaw meeting. 

Kamala Harris Most Intense Meeting In Poland

The Government of Poland offered her a fighter jet which the administration of the U.S. had to politely decline. However, the response of the administration was still not clear and Kamala Harris was traveling to have a crucial meeting with the Prime Minister and President of Poland. This meeting in this wartime is the most extreme thing that Kamala Harris has ever experienced and because of that, she has avoided all kinds of public discords. 

In a conference, Kamala Harris stated that Poland and the U.S. are a team and are working together to help the Ukrainian people. All the tension in the air is because as the fight between Ukraine and Russia continues, Putin is targeting important people and civilians. Kamala Haris’s visit to Poland this week was her third visit to Europe. 

The entire trip of Kamala Haris was tightly scheduled and her statements in the whole trip did not generate much criticism. Moreover, at the same time, Mike Pence was also near the Ukraine-Poland border. Before starting her trip, Kamala Harris consulted Antony Blinken, The Secretary of State along with the Prime Ministers of five European countries. In addition to these people, she also spoke with National Security Council members and experts of Romania and Poland. 

Kamala Harris was well prepared and gave statements like the U.S. would try everything to defend the NATO countries and gave new commitments on a system of missile defense for the country of Poland and on humanitarian grounds. However, she could not reassure everyone in this nail-biting situation.