US Central Command Dislikes Russia’s Sudden Aggressiveness

US Central Command

The US Central Command has noticed something unusual recently. The recent Russian military flights have increased in Syria lately. Russia is striking for possible another war with the US this time. They have been in the provocation era since the US started helping Ukraine. President’s recent visit to Kyiv also made things worse. Maybe teaming up with China, to destroy the US. In Early February a Chinese red balloon was seen floating in the sky in the US. That terrified the nation’s common people.

US Central Command Is Sensing Desaparteness

Since the 1st march, the US Central Command has sensed that Russia has gotten desperate over time. Their unrecognized aircraft were flying over the US troops in Syria. Recently Russian aircraft have crashed US drones over the black sea.

Russia is deliberately trying to harass and break US morals.

The actions and breaking of laws by Russia are eye-catching to US Central Command. Those unrecognized flights are supposedly loaded with weapons a source told.

Whatever the US Central Command is facing right now is not unusual. However, they have spiked since the 1st march in the Syrian sky according to Gen. Erik Kurilla.

Erik Kurilla feels and US Central Command agrees with it this is something highly unprofessional behavior of Russia. These aggressive acts only lead up to tension and life risks for both countries and even Syria. If anyway Russia attacks the US will fight back.

Probably the unsafe way to do politics. Erik Kurilla also said Russia is trying to renegotiate the deconfliction protocols. They have mustered up the violating rules. They have been doing it for years. There are other chiefs in the administration who have agreed with each other. This way they are just increasing the risks for both countries.