Former Military Academy Members Told To Leave Under Biden’s Administration 

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

The administration of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, is set to bring a few changes in the military academy of the country. He recently expressed his decision to bring a change to the advisory boards of the said academy. One of the sources gave a few details on the decision of the President. Accordingly, the Democratic president ordered a total of 11 officials of the military academy’s advisory board to either be dismissed or give their resignation. It is to be noted that all of those concerned officials had been appointed by Donald Trump, the former President of the country. 

Trump’s Military Academy Members

The ones who have been told to resign by the President include all those members who held important positions in the administration of former President Donald Trump. They are Sean Spicer, the press secretary of the White House, H.R McMaster, former national secretary adviser, Kellyann Conway, the former counselor to the former Republican President.

All these members were appointed to the military academy.  Sean Spicer was appointed to the Naval Academy, Conway to West Point, and McMaster to the academy of the Air Force. The news on the military academy members was confirmed by Jen Psaki, the acting press secretary of the White House. It was done on the 8th of September that fell on a Wednesday.

Psaki stated that the intention of the President behind the decision was the general intention of any head of state. And that was to make sure that only qualified people hold the offices for the best quality public service. And also to ensure that those people represent the overall values of the administration. The press secretary also confirmed that President Joe Biden made a request to those officers.