Joe Manchin Clears Out On His Intentions On The Filibuster Rule

Hyde Amendment
Hyde Amendment

Joe Manchin, the senator based in West Virginia, gave a decision with regard to the rule of the filibuster. He made it quite clear that he has no intentions of doing away with the filibuster rule. Nor does he have any intentions of weakening it. This decision of the senator came this Wednesday.

Joe Manchin Wants Filibuster To Stay

There was a news article given by the senator from the Democratic party. It carried the statement of Joe Manchin with regard to his views. It was clearly stated that he was a hundred percent sure about his stance on the rule of the filibuster. The West Virginia senator also added the fact that the political games that are currently prevailing in the country, have to come to an end. He said that a new era of unanimous politics must be worked upon in order to solve the problems of the United States of America. All these problems must be worked upon together, irrespective of the differences in the political parties. 

The ones who are advocating for the reform in the rule of the filibuster are a few Democrats of the left-wing. They include the members of the House like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Representative of the state of New York, and Pramila Jayapal, the Representative from Washington. They have been constantly making efforts to either remove or reform the rule of the filibuster.

Joe Manchin gave the statement that he found it impossible to present a valid reason to his constituents to weaken the rule in question. In order for it to get passed, it has to have around 60-40 votes on the floor of the US Senate. Senator Joe Manchin also made it known that all the senators must follow the steps of those who came before them.