Joe Manchin Gives Indication On The Filibuster Reforms

Hyde Amendment
Hyde Amendment

Joe Manchin, the senator, gave a signal towards his views with regard to the reforms of the filibuster. This took place this Sunday. The Democratic senator has been one of the regular defenders of the system of the filibuster. If the reforms for it takes places, it will benefit the Democratic party to a great extent. A bunch of their legislative agendas will be put forth.

Joe Manchin Gives A Suggestion

There have been instances where Joe Manchin has expressed his support for the cause over public media. The senator has done this more than once. As per the filibuster rule, a total of 60 vote threshold is imposed for a majority of legislative actions on the floor of the Senate.

Senator Joe Manchin gave a statement to a host of a news channel with regard to the rule. He stated that the best way to toughen the act of filibustering was to make them talk more. The Democratic Senator repeated the statement at another interview as well this Sunday. He reiterated the fact that the act of filibuster must remain “painful” if it is to be used.

Andrew Desiderio, the reporter, took to the social media platform, Twitter, to make claims on the action of Joe Manchin. According to his Tweet, the Democratic senator was indicating his openness towards the reforms of the filibuster. He further went on to explain the meaning of filibuster.

Desiderio explained that “talking filibuster” is something that involves any member of the minority party to continue filibustering for as long as they want. If the person relents, a threshold of a simple majority vote will take place.

There is a big chance for this to take place. The reason for this is because there is no requirement for the actual filibuster on the floor of the Senate. When it comes to the modern filibuster, no senator is required to continue talking in order to delay any bill.

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