Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Caucus Of “America First” To Be Launched Soon

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Conservative Representative, is moving forward towards launching a caucus of “America First.” This news was confirmed by her office this Friday. The Representative will be responsible for gathering the far-right lawmakers together. These are the same lawmakers widely known for controversial rhetoric.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Reasons For The Caucus

A flier had been obtained by one of the institutions of the news channel. It was with regard to the promotion of the caucus. The aim of the caucus was to achieve equal respect for the unique political traditions of the Anglo-Saxon. It also makes an effort to push the theories of conspiracy that is related to the integrity of the elections. The flier of the caucus that is to be launched by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, gave an outline to the warning of the native argument. As per the argument, mass immigration threatens the existential future of the United States of America in the long run. It poses a threat to the status of the country as a “unique” state having an extraordinary culture and identity. 

Nick Dyer, one of the spokespeople of Marjorie Taylor Greene, gave a statement with regard to the leakage of the flier. It was stated that the plan was to work towards the formation of the group. Dyer also stated that the announcement would be made as soon as possible. 

Matt Gaetz, the Representative of the state of Florida, took to the social media platform, Twitter, to show support. In his tweet, he mentioned the fact that he is proud that he will be joining the caucus of Marjorie Taylor Greene of “America first,” he further added that together, they will be putting an end to wars and the ongoing illegal immigration. Gatz also tweeted that only those trades will be promoted that are fair to the workers of the country. 

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