Will Smith Had Dreamed Of Having A Girlfriend Harem

Will Smith

Once upon a time, Will Smith’s dream was to have a girlfriend harem filled with stars. The 55-year-old rapper of “Big Willie Style” admitted the controversial wish on Monday. The story was published as a candid cover story for GQ November.

This Was A Long Time Ago For Will Smith

Will Smith said that he did not remember exactly when he had the dream, but it was probably when he was a teenager. The dream involving traveling along with about 20 women whom he loved and cared for a lot, and other things. He added that the idea seemed really great at the time.

Will Smith even revealed some of the members that would be in the fantasy lineup. Halle Berry, the actress who had won an Oscar, and Misty Copeland, the famous ballerina, were two of them.

Will Smith is father to 3 children now. With Jada Pinkett, his current wife, he has 20-year-old Willow and 23-year-old Jaden. With Sheree Zampino, his former wife, he has 28-year-old Trey. He also said that this theoretical harem was talked about with Michaela Boehm, his life coach, in the form of an exercise.

The famous actor had, at one point, even considered talking to 55-year-old Berry and 39-year-old Copeland about his vision directly. However, later on, he realized that he would be missing the point.

Will Smith claimed that working past his notion helped the actor release all the baggage he had due to a strict upbringing in a Christian family. He explained that Boehm was trying to clean his mind by talking about such notions. Michaela, according to him, made him realize that just thinking these thoughts did not make them sins. Elsewhere, he has also revealed that his current relationship with 50-year-old Pinkett may have been monogamous but now, it has evolved into something else.

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