Joe Rogan Regrets His Racial Slurs

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a renowned face in the American entertainment industry. Rogan is well known for hosting podcasts on Spotify. His podcasting abilities have earned him a lot of fame.

However, recent times have not been the best for the popular host. Rogan has been plagued with a lot of controversies recently. He has been criticized by the audience for giving misinformation.

Rogan hosts a popular podcast on Spotify. He discussed the ongoing coronavirus recently on his show. Immediately after the show went on air, fans lashed out at Rogan. All of them accused the host of providing wrong information regarding the deadly pandemic.

A number of popular musicians also took a stand against Rogan. The situation became so much worse that the musicians threatened Spotify. Renowned singers asked Spotify to take down Rogan’s show.

However, Joe did receive some sort of support from Dwayne Johnson recently. The actor praised Rogan for his hard work. A recently leaked video of Joe Rogan has him in more spots of bother.

The video portrayed Rogan using racial slurs a number of times. Such a video added insult to Joe’s injury. Joe immediately apologized to his fans for his actions.

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Joe Rogan Sorry For His Words 

A recently leaked video of Joe Rogan has enraged his fans once again. The video is a compilation of Joe abusing in racial slurs.

The audience termed the host as racist and called for boycotting his show. However, Rogan was quick to respond. He immediately apologized to his audience for his actions. 

Joe Rogan said that it was one of the stupidest things he had ever done. He also explained that he regretted his actions more than anyone else.

Joe clarified his stand by saying that he did not dislike Black people. Rogan also said that the video was very old. He has now matured a lot and has never used the n-word.