Joey Lawrence Engaged To His Love, Samantha Cope

Joey Lawrence
Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence seems to be enjoying a fantastic time in his life. He has revealed his love relationship with his girlfriend. Lawrence also stated that he was engaged with the love of his life. Joey is also scheduled to enter a romantic game show. The show is titled “Celebrity Dating Game”. The star stated that he was very much open to dating. The actor termed dating as a healthy mode of socializing. The star also reflected his thoughts on an ideal romantic relationship. More details on the topic are discussed below. 

Joey Lawrence’s Wedding Bells Ringing? 

Lawrence is a versatile and talented actor. He is famously known for his role in Gimme A Break. Lawrence worked as a child actor. Lawrence established his acting prowess since childhood. The show gathered much attention and was a great hit. He also played the character of Joe alongside his real brothers in Brotherly Love. 

The star was asked about his opinions on a romantic relationship. He immediately pointed out the fact that there should be kindness. He believed that one of the most important virtues of a healthy relationship was kindness.  Lawrence also reflected on other important aspects. He believed honesty and a sense of humor should also be there. For a relationship to prosper, both the person must be loyal and honest. A person should also be able to understand jokes and not get offended easily. 

Joey Lawrence seems to have got all his required virtues in Samantha Cope. The couple is rumored to be together for eleven months. Joey described the experience with Samantha to be the greatest. He seemed very much happy and stated that he was engaged. Lawrence had earlier been married to several women. Chandie Lawrence & Michelle Vella are two of his ex-wives.