Victoria Beckham Uploads Pictures Of Her Workout

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has been posting pictures of her hard workout- with a special photobomb as well. The 48-year-old fashion designer uploaded a few behind-the-scenes photos of her workout on her Instagram Story last Sunday.

In one of the photos, her husband, David Beckham, also popped up as a surprise guest. Her caption had, “I’m in my strength training phase,” and the picture was of her in mid-stretch, where she had worn black workout gear and white-and-pink sneakers. She went on to advise her followers that it was important to mobilize and stretch before and after every section, and that recovery was as important as the workout by itself. 

Victoria Beckham Uploads Her Workout Pictures With Husband

In another photo, Victoria Beckham was seen leaning on the gym equipment mid-workout- in what appears to be a picture that was taken by her husband. David Beckham could be seen in the background mirror- shirtless and with just a hat on. As it stands, Victoria had pasted a couple of laughing emojis over this photo- and just right next to the shirtless husband. She wrote that she followed her training session which varied every day to focus on different areas of her body. And the day the picture was posted, she had been working on her upper body strength with a combination of resistance-based exercises. 

After her workout, Victoria Beckham also shared an image of her post-workout shake from the brand Puori along with a banana and a few almonds. She mentioned that the shake helped in aiding muscle recovery, as well as growth, and she loved that the one she drank was processed minimally- with absolutely no pesticides, GMO, or hormones. The laughing emojis aren’t the first time Victoria had teased her husband at the gym. Last month, she tossed another playful jab where she said that while one of them worked hard, the other looked great by not doing anything at all.

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