John Kerry Faces Demands For Resignation Over Leaked Iran Tapes

John Kerry
John Kerry

John Kerry is the special envoy of the United States of America for climate change. He has recently been facing demands to resign from his position from the Republican lawmakers.

Apparently, John Kerry has maintained contact with the military officials in Israel. The tape of John Kerry discussing these issues with the foreign minister of Iran has been leaked. During that time he was serving as the State Secretary under the administration of former President Obama.

John Kerry Denies Allegations

The Republicans are putting full pressure on Kerry so he will eventually resign his position as one of the top officials. This came since Kerry has been calling for an investigation as well as prosecution over climate change.

The officials from Biden’s administration have so far denied all the allegations. They have informed that Kerry being in touch with Iranian operators was a known fact during that time.

Dan Sullivan is a Senator and a Republican from Alaska. He made an impassioned speech asking Kerry to resign. He stated that he has never demanded resignation from anybody during his tenure earlier. As a result, this demand is serious.

He further added that Kerry has jeopardized the national security and safety of Americans. This calls for an immediate resignation and appropriate penalization. He also said that he was surprised after hearing the news. He thinks that Kerry has compromised national security by staying in contact with the oldest enemy allies of the country.

On the other hand, Ned Price, spokesperson of the State Department, informed that the government was closely intimated about the issues being discussed by Kerry. Therefore this was no secret and certainly not an offense.

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