Jonah Hill Uncomfortable With Physical Comments

jonah hill
jonah hill

Jonah Hill is a man of many talents. He is an American actor known famously for his witty nature. Apart from being an actor, he also takes interest in filmmaking. Hill is well known for his roles in comedy movies. Some of his most notable movies include Knocked Up, Superbad, Funny People, etc. Jonah got the nomination at the Academy Awards for the Best Supporting Actor. He had recently made it very clear that he does not like comments on his body shape. The actor posted recently on Instagram and converted the message. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Jonah Hill Speaks Out About Comments On His Body 

The actor made an Instagram post that attracted the attention of many recently. He stated that he does not like anyone commenting on his body. Jonah asked his fans and followers to refrain from saying anything about the physical structure of Jonah. He stated that any good or bad comments about himself make him feel uncomfortable. 

This post gained a lot of support from different people. Celebrity influences like Tess Holiday showed support to Jonah Hill. She commented, “THIS” “LOUDER”. This was because Holiday also had been criticized a lot for her body shape. Aidy Bryant also showed her support towards the post by giving a green tick in the comment section.

Remi Bader is a social media influencer. She is very popular for posting ” realistic shopping hauls”. She commented “Amen”. Jonah Hill had stated earlier about his comfort zone. In 2018’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jonah spoke about the pain he feels when being body-shamed. The recent post should be a clear and loud message to all his critics and fans. He said that fans need to understand his emotions and act accordingly.

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