Jonathan Bennett Says He Has A Dream To Make A Christmas Movie With Lindsay Lohan

Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett

While talking with the PEOPLE Jonathan Bennett has revealed his dream of shooting a Christmas themed movie with Lindsay Lohan. Casting directors should take note as the self-proclaimed King of Christmas wants to do a movie with Lindsay Lohan.

At Hallmark’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Jonathan Bennett has something to say about his dream in the red carpet. At the Music Hall in NYC, the actor of Holiday Sitter has revealed his top wish for the holidays this year.

Jonathan Bennett while talking with the PEOPLE and other media outlet at the red carpet have said that his goal and his dream is to be casted in a Chirstmas themed movie with Lindsay Lohan so that they can get in touch for the holidays. The forty one years old actor revealed that reuniting with his collegue from the sets of Mean Girls will be fun.

Well, we agree with you Jonathan Bennett. We are sure that the fans of the franchise of the sitcom of 2004 will love the reunion too. Bennett has even agreed that he will even do the scripted choreography that Lindsay’s Cady does with others in the talent-show scene that has become iconic now.

Jonathan Bennett Will Love To Do A Movie With Lindsay Lohan For Christmas:

In a recent interview on air with Ryan and Kelly, Lindsay Lohan, 36, disclosed that she had offered the idea to the directors of her most recent holiday movie Falling for Christmas to recreate the “Jingle Bell Rock” act, but “then completely forgot about that now,” she claimed.

Jonathan Bennett, however, only had kind things to say about Lohan and her starring part in Netflix’s Falling for Christmas, which is her first significant acting role in more than a decade.

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