Joshua Kimmich Out Of Action Due To Covid

Joshua Kimmich
Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich is one of the best midfielders in recent history. He has had a ton of success both for Germany and his club. He plays for Bayern Munich who is fresh from an emphatic win in the UCL. Bayern defeated Barcelona convincingly to proceed to the next round. However, everything is not okay with Kimmich. He has been infected with the deadly coronavirus. 

He was in the news last October as he decided against taking the vaccine. Joshua stated that he was concerned about the negative impacts of the vaccine. However, he was assured by the medical officials that the vaccines were absolutely safe. Kimmich later initiated the “We Kick Corona” campaign. The campaign raised awareness about the vaccine. It also urged the individuals to opt for the shot as soon as they can. 

Joshua Kimmich seemed to have made the wrong decision by not taking the vaccine. He was quarantined after coming in contact with an infected person. A few days later, he developed signs of covid. On being tested, Kimmich was found positive. He has been out of action since his report. The last time he played a match was on 6th November. Let us learn more about the incident in detail below. 

Joshua Kimmich Ruled Out Till 2022 

Things are not looking good for Joshua Kimmich at the moment. After he contracted covid earlier this year. He has been experiencing more complications recently. Kimmich has reportedly had trouble with his lungs. Such a scenario has ruled him out of action till 2022. This will be a huge factor for both Germany and Bayern. 

Joshua Kimmich is the backbone for both teams. He is speculated to be the next captain of the German team. Kimmich has missed as many as five games for his club. He has also sat out a couple of matches for Germany. 

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