Tottenham V Brighton Suffers Covid Suspension


Tottenham Hotspurs were scheduled to play Brighton up next. They looked to capitalize and consolidate their position in the league. The Spurs have been one of the most promising teams in the Premier League. Sadly enough, they failed to deliver most of the time. The team is packed with a number of top-notch recruits. The likes of Harry Kane, Hugo Lloris, etc have been unable to take their team through. 

This season, the team was hoping for a turnaround. They started well initially. The team looked to continue the good work against Brighton and win the match. However, that was not to be. One of the most unfortunate has pegged the English Premier League back. A recent variant of the coronavirus has been in the news. The deadly Omicron virus is threatening to wreak havoc. There have been significant cases of people getting the covid virus. 

The sudden surge in the cases has compelled the organizers to call curtains. As many as eight Tottenham athletes have been found positive with the virus. Five other supporting staff have also been infected with the virus. Thus, there was no other option than to call off the match. Let us know more about the incident in detail below. 

Tottenham Pegged Back By Covid 

The situation has worsened at the Tottenham camp. After the news of the covid outbreak was revealed, a couple of matches were impacted. The upcoming EPL match against Brighton was canceled. The match was scheduled to take place this Sunday. They also had a game against Rennes in the ECL(Europa Conference League). 

Following the Tottenham situation, the EPL committee has asked other clubs to be careful as well. They have issued letters to clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, etc to take necessary measures.