Jungle Cruise Fails To Deliver The Expectations

Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise

The most awaited release of Jungle Cruise is here. The movie was very much hyped up. It consists of a star-studded lineup. The movie is led by the famous Dwayne Johnson. Others included personalities like Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Edgar Ramirez, etc. However, despite all the hype, the story failed to deliver. It started very much promisingly. However, it faded away gradually as the movie progressed. The action sequences were good, but the string of events lacked execution. The movie never gained pace. 

Jungle Cruise Review: Pros & Cons

Jungle Cruise promised to be a one of its a kind action movie. It was expected to be an intense film with a dark tone. In reality, the movie was just some CGI shots compiled together. The film seems to lack the main ingredient of a thriller- Tension. 

There were few takeaways as well. The opening minutes of the film were quite promising. Emily Blunt was introduced in the very first scene. She was seen to be sneaking Royal Geographic Society. She wanted to lay her hands on an old arrowhead. It was said to have magical properties capable of finding The Tears Of The Moon. 

The director did try hard to put together the movie. He strung up a good screenplay which appeared smooth. The main missing link here seems to be the absence of any tension and fear. It felt as if the characters of the film are being overtly protected. 

In a typical action movie, the characters usually face life-threatening challenges. In this movie, however, no such challenges were present. There was a scene when a jaguar attacked one of the heroes. Disappointingly, it turned out to be a pet animal. 

All in all, Jungle Cruise did fail to deliver to the hype. We can only expect a better presentation of action films from Collet-Serra in the future.