Steph Curry Injured His Foot While Playing Against Boston Celtics

Steph Curry
Steph Curry

Steph Curry, the famous guard of the Golden State Warriors was made to leave the match against Boston Celtics in the second half of the game after he was injured. His left foot was injured and he had to immediately do an MRI after the completion of the game. 

Steph Curry’s Injured His Foot By Marcus Smart

Steve Kerr, the coach of Steph Curry was asked about the seriousness of his injury and he replied that they will get to know more after the MRI. Steph Curry was injured during the 4:17 score of the game when he was rolled by Marcus Smart when both of them went for the loose ball. At the end of the game, Kerr was seen shouting at Smart for injuring his main player. 

In the views of Kerr, Marcus drove directly into Steph which pissed him off. He mentioned that he respects Marcus a lot and knows that he is a tremendous player. Kerr even coached him for a while during the World Cup and knows that he is a good competitor, however, he still stood by the fact that the move was very dangerous. 

Following this incident, Marcus Smart explained that he did not notice Steph Curry and was just focused on the ball when this unfortunate accident happened. He even added that though fans will call him a dirty player, his fellow teammates and colleagues would know that it was just an accident. 

After the fall, Steph Curry tried to get up and shake off his pain, however, after he was checked, he went to the locker room instead of coming back to the court. Draymond Green shared that he would not call this a dirty tactic as everybody knows how hard Marcus plays and in his opinion, he would just call it an unnecessary event. Steph Curry was injured just after Green got back from his injury in the back.