Dwayne Johnson Reflects On His Humorous Childhood Incidents

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

The childhood life of the actor, Dwayne Johnson, mostly included traveling. As he had a father who was a wrestler by profession, his life was war from being a usual one. And because he had to move a lot, he also had to start over and make new friends all over again.

The Baywatch actor is surprisingly turning 49-years-old this coming Sunday. He had been the guest of the Sunday Sitdown show of Willie Geist this week. It was here that the actor talked about one of the funny incidents he had while he was a boy.

Dwayne Johnson Looked Like A Girl

There is no doubt that the incident was a memorable one considering the fact that he still talks about it. It took place on the fifth day of his fifth grade while he was making his way onto the bus. Dwayne Johnson said that he sat next to a boy. And just a minute later he was asked a very funny question. The Jumanji actor was asked if he was a girl or a boy.  

The actor also mentioned the fact that it was not his first encounter with that kind of question. Most people took him to be a girl when he was between 7 and 11 years old. And the reason behind this was his soft Afro hair and softer features. Dwayne Johnson is half Samoan and half Black. 

As for now, the actor has found ways of seeking humor from his childhood days. It is through “Young Rock,” the sitcom that airs on the channel NBC. It revolves around the life of a young Dwayne Johnson who also happens to be a professional wrestler’s son like Dwayne himself. When he reached high school, the actor had stayed in about a total of 13 states.