‘Jury Duty’ Nominated for Emmy Award 2023

Jury Duty

After hearing his Emmy nomination for ‘Jury Duty’, James Marsden immediately calls his co-star, Ronald Gladden who has become the favorite cast of the show among Americans. James Marsden and other casts are thrilled to hear the news of their nominations for the Emmy Award. 

Marsden tells PEOPLE that rounds of celebrations for this huge success of the entire team are lined up on the way, and it started the moment he called up his co-actor Ronald Gladden after hearing the announcement. He said that he made the first call to him because he wanted to make sure that Ronald is also enjoying it together with him as it is happening. And Ronald was in seventh heaven. He also added that Ronald was the only one on the team who did not know it was a mockumentary. 

‘Jury Duty’ was nominated in four different categories, including a brilliant comedy show, exceptional writing in a comedy show, excellent casting, and Marsden’s acting

Jury Duty’s Emmy Nomination: The Casts Overjoyed And Emotional At The News

Jury Duty is an exceptional kind of show, totally different from Marsden’s previous works. This is an out-of-box production in the sense that it does not align with the structured presentations, that Marsden has so far been accustomed to. In films like “Enchanted’, “Hairspray” and Netflix’s “Dead to Me”, Marsden worked with straightforward representations, which is not the case in this show. Marsden also expressed his pleasure at Christina Applegate’s nomination, who was his co-star in Dead to Me. 

‘Jury Duty’ casts the actors who quirkily played out the roles of the American citizens who were part of the jury. Marsden explains how this show was different from traditional American entertainment shows. The comfort space of acting, the aesthetics of the set, and the makeup – all of these were NOT there in Jury Duty. He says that all the risks taken in the process of the filming are worth it. None of them anticipated the recognition that it has gained today. 

Along with Marsden, Gladden also received acclamation from everywhere. As Gladden was not aware of its representational aspect, Marsden comically says that he won’t crack any jokes in front of Gladden to make him feel less. Gladden says that it took several months for him to realize that it was not real, but a representation.