Justice Department To Investigate The Corruption Case

Justice Department
Justice Department

The Washington DC Justice Department jurists are now in charge of the investigation regarding corruption into Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. As per information received by CNN by Kent Schaffer, a state prosecutor who has been investigating Paxton separately claimed that Paxton had been notified by the Justice Department regarding the change. The ongoing corruption investigation has been on target for a year now and the federal prosecutors were responsible for investigating in Texas.

The Taking Over By The Justice Department Is Considered A Development In The Corruption Case

The taking over of the case by the Justice Department has been very recent and has been initiated after Paxton has been accused in 2020 of several aids of abuse of office, bribery, and many other potential criminal offenses. This initiative also was put up just after Paxton had come to an agreement over a settlement of approximately $3.3 million with four aides responsible for making the public accusation.

Repeated denials of the wrongdoing allegations have been coming from Paxton. A statement delivered by Paxton to CNN  following the announcement of the settlement stated that Paxton had indeed chosen this road which he assumed would lead the issue to a stop.

However, the issue did not come to rest; rather now the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department has taken over the case. This section is supposed to look after the prosecutions of government officers with a high profile which also includes cases of corruption and bribery.

It is still unclear what led to the replacement of Texas’ federal prosecutors investigating the case. Also, comments regarding this replacement or the change of events have all been hushed. A spokesperson of the Justice Department denied dropping a comment regarding the case.