Kamala Harris To Handle The Immigration Crisis

kamala harris
kamala harris

It is not a hidden fact that the administration of Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America, is going through a migrant crisis. The facilities for the migrants situated at the southern border of the country are heavily overcrowded. This is what led the president to give Kamala Harris, the vice-president, an important task. She is told to handle the situation of the migrants. Following the task, she will be coordinating with some of the nations of Central America including Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The vice-president will also be doing so with Mexico.

Kamala Harris Is The Perfect Fit

The work assigned to the vice-president is the first major responsibility that she will be carrying out after her appointment. President Joe Biden gave a statement with regard to the issue. He expressed his confidence in Kamala Harris. He stated that there is no other person who is more equipped to carry out the responsibility other than the vice-president. President Biden further added that she represents himself. The statement was given in the White House.

The origin of the migration issue that will now be addressed by Kamala Harris, comes from the fact that the administration of the newly appointed president made some changes in the policies of the immigration of the country. This move was in opposition to the policies that were introduced by the administration of the then president, Donald Trump. However, things took a U-turn. The number of migrants has increased to an overwhelming amount. Kamal Harris, on seeing the situation at hand, said that it was a huge problem.

President Biden stated that the crisis began during the administration of Donald Trump. However, it was their responsibility to correct it.