Kamryn Babb Has Worked Through His ACL Tear

Kamryn Babb
Kamryn Babb

Kamryn Babb, the wide receiver for the Ohio State University, is going to be happy with his past experience as team captain. His stepmom, Amanda Babb, has stated that her stepson was captain of his little league team when he just started playing football. After that, Babb became the captain of his team at a high school level- so this has become something of a natural progression for him. And yet, being named as the team captain for the Buckeyes will definitely feel a little bit different. 

Kamryn Babb Will Be Leading The Buckeyes

Alana Templeton, Kamryn Babb’s mom, mentioned that she was driving when he shared the news with her. And since she had received no prior warning, she burst into tears- knowing how special and important this was for her. This news is quite a relief from an earlier phone call just half a year ago- when Kamryn had torn his ACL for the fourth time, effectively putting his career on the line.

The newly appointed captain stated that the feeling was absolutely unbelievable, as he reflected on how much of a downer the entire situation was- knowing that he had the potential to make it big and yet not being able to show it. 

Tyrone, Kamryn Babb’s father, mentioned that the situation was quite devastating for the family as if the air had been sucked out. His mom stated that it was heartbreaking for the football player, as it put him in a state of doubt about his own future and capabilities. Now, with the Buckeyes getting back to the field, Kamryn will be able to contribute with his voice rather than his catches as he is on his way to rehab his knees. 

Ryan Day, the head coach of Ohio State, believes that Kamryn Babb is one of the best players to lead the team. For, one of the marks of being successful is the ability to bounce back from any form of adversity- something he is an epitome of.