Kanye West Sinks Deeper Into Trouble For His Anti Semitic Remarks

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West the controversial king is at it again with his Anti-Semitic comments. Though this time things have gone out of hand.

Adidas To Face The Flak For Kanye West 

Eminent people from all walks of life have revolted against the kind of hatred he is spreading amongst the people against the Jews. The recent incidents in LA against the Jewish community have sparked widespread indignation in society. Kanye’s comments have incited his followers to take out processions condemning the Jews in Nazi-style. 

Kanye West the singer, rapper, and fashion designer owns the label Yeezy. It is a multi-billion company. By sporting a Yeezy T-shirt which had ‘White Lives Matter’ written on it in Paris Fashion Week he has gone and infuriated the people even further. 

Many members of Parliament in Los Angeles, the mayoral candidate Bass, and Scott Werner the vice chairperson of the Jewish  Organization has asked Adidas to cut complete business ties with Kanye.

Kanye West has already been barred from using social media handles. Greenblatt who heads the ADL(Anti Defamation League) has prodded  Adidas by saying that by not taking any action immediately they will just fuel the fire.

In Hollywood, stars and famous agencies have decided to bar Kanye from doing any future projects with them. They also went on to say that delay will embolden others to unleash their poisonous thoughts and ideas. Kanye’s own talent agency has refused to represent him in the future. His ex-wife Kim Kardashian also has publicly denounced his comments by saying spreading hate can never have any excuses referring to his statement in past interviews where he had said he was bipolar. 

Many top companies like JP Morgan, Gap, and Balenciaga have already snapped ties with him.

Hope he comes to his senses soon.