Karine Jean-Pierre Creates History In The White House

Karine Jean-Pierre
Karine Jean-Pierre

Karine Jean-Pierre, the principal deputy press secretary of the White House, created history. She did this by becoming the second woman belonging to the community of Black to carry out the daily press briefing. This incident took place this Wednesday. She gave a statement following the incident. It was stated that she does appreciate the fact that this is a historic moment however, she claimed that “one person” is not what the White House is about. 

Karine Jean-Pierre Succeeds Judy Smith 

The White House press secretary expressed exactly how she felt about being someone who created history. Karine Jean-Pierre stated that she was extremely honored to be where she was. The 43-year old is the second woman to hold the position after a span of 30 years. She will be briefing the reporters from the briefing room called James S. Brady. The campaign organizer and activist from the Democratic party further gave a statement as she stood on the podium. She said that there are many more important things than the history created by her. And that is to work for the citizens of the United States of America. She said that nothing was about one single person. 

The first woman from the community of Black before Karine Jean-Pierre was Judy Smith. She had been the deputy press secretary during the administration of George H.W. Bush, the then President of the country. It was in the year 1991. The Democratic campaign organizer is one of the members of the all-female team of the senior communications of the White House. This has been announced by President Joe Biden in the month of October. There are a total of seven women in the team belonging to different communities. And all of them, including Karine Jean-Pierre, hold important positions in Biden’s administration.