Son Tyer Nichols Demise Made His Family’s Life A Nightmare

Tyer Nichols

A 29-year-old black male Tyer Nichols has been the victim of police brutality. The young man’s life was taken, he left leaving his 4 years old son behind. His mother cannot fathom what has happened, she was unable to process the shock. The void he left behind would never be filled. Injustice was served to Tyer Nichols. He has been murdered by five police officers in Memphis.

First George Floyd And Now Tyer Nichols, How Many Sacrifices are Required To Stop Violence?

Both time cases have one thing in common both were murdered by police. “I can’t breath” roared throughout the country, fighting for justice and justice for George Floyd. And the impact on the police eas zero. The misuse of power kept on happening. The innocent Tyre Nichols was brutally murdered. And those five black officers are now currently facing murder charges. 

Tyer Nichols’s family’s attorney has asked for special permission to release the bodycam video of the force who have been successful in taking the life of such a young soul.

Even the Memphis police chief Cerelyn Davis called the situation a shameful act and disregard for human life. This brought shame on the department and residents are going to question their safety. Law enforcement is supposed to provide safety are the reason behind an innocent’s death.

The video clip is set to release separately in four clips on Friday.

A woman who recently lost his son cannot even mourn in peace, she has a hell of a fight ahead of her. And she wouldn’t sit still until she bring justice for her son Tyer Nichols. Who was nothing out of the ordinary, was a full-time worker at FedEx, has a young son, who was passionate about photography and skateboarding. What could have possibly been done by him that would bring death?